Solid-piece stone sinks and tubs available in most new materials. Carved out of solid blocks of stone without gluing, laminating or false assembly of any kind, our stone sinks are crafted to order to your specification. Adjacent counters and backsplash may be ordered to of matching stone. Antique found object stones may be selected to have unique, one of a kind creations. For particularly large tubs, the specially quarried oversized blocks may be available. Both sinks and tubs are sold by the cubic foot of the block required for fabrication (known as the bounding box) at the top end of the complexity scale. Please contact with us for further information. We will send you a lot of pictures of stone sinks (round sinks and farmhouse sinks) for your reference upon request.

We have been exporting farmhouse sinks and round stone sinks to the United States and many European countries. For more information, please send us your inquiry to . Fax inquiry, please send to: +86-592-2096914

Telephone inquiry, please reach us by +86-13606938395 at any time in case of the time difference.

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