All granite countertops produced by Marble & Granite Plus Inc are carefully calibrated and polished. We are committed to bringing you the best quality granite counters at incredible prices. Marble & Granite Plus Inc also supplies granite vanity tops in large quantities. You can now offer your customers granite counters and vanities at the same or even less than the price of laminate countertops! Marble & Granite Plus Inc specializes in large volume building materials sales and offers volume purchases of granite tiles, slabs, and counter tops direct from the quarries for customers able to purchase full containers. You can purchase through Marble & Granite Plus Inc to simplify your purchasing process while ensuring you receive the world's best prices, excellent quality control, and outstanding service.

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You are welcome to contact with us by our mobile phone at: +86-13606938395 at any time in case of the time difference. 

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Countertop, Vanity Top & Bar Top
Bathroom Accessories
Stone Kitchen
STONE SINK (Farmhouse Sink Series)
STONE SINK (Stone Lavatory Bowl Series)
STONE SINK (Pedestal Sink Series)
Marble Bathtub 

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