Mother of Pearl is an organic gem formed from protective layers of calcium carbonate which line the inside of the pearl oyster shell. This is the same natural process and material as the pearl, and takes up to seven years to form. Different specimen has different color combination that makes it very eye-catching.  The beautiful iridescent colors you see in mother-of-pearl are caused by reflective light bouncing of the various layers of growth in the shell. Mother of pearl slabs are handcrafted slab available for custom fabrication.

Packing Details for Solid Mother of Pearl Shell Tile (Porcelain Tile backing):
300x300x11mm tile: 360 PCS/crate (that's 32.4 m2/crate or 348.62 SF/crate)
600x600x11mm tile: 68 PCS/crate (that's 24.48 m2/crate or 263.40 SF/crate)

Packing Details for Solid Mother of Pearl Shell Slab (aluminum honeycomb slab backing):
2440x1220x20mm (96"x48"x3/4") slab:
10 PCS/crate (that's 29.77 m2/crate or 320.33 SF/crate);
20 PCS/crate (that's 59.54 m2/crate or 640.65 SF/crate);
30 PCS/crate (that's 89.31 m2/crate or 960.98 SF/crate);
40 PCS/crate (that's 119.07 m2/crate or 1281.19 SF/crate); 

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